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Unified Content Management System (uCMS)

Telecom Operators are facing major challenges in managing variety of contents from multiple content providers and then organizing them for multiple presentation layers (multiple formats). They need to roll out new content services, marketing messages quickly to consistently stay ahead of the market. i2i understands the real pain points of operators and hence, has been amongst the leaders in bringing a completely integrated content management system designed specifically for the business needs of Telecom Operators. The i2i Unified Content Management System (uCMS) allows Administrator, Marketing and Content professionals to add, manage, and publish digital assets to the store front experience in an easy, relevant and engaging way through a single user interface. The i2i unified content management system (uCMS) framework has been designed to manage content, source and device through a single platform which allows the operators to manage services irrespective of content formats, delivery channels or devices. As a result, the deployment and operational cost reduces significantly and at the same time the time to market new services decreases proportionately. The below diagram depicts the overview of i2i uCMS.


  • Content agnostic: Support all content type
  • Automatic Device Detection: The platform has automatic device detection capability. Thus it shows only those contents which are supported by the subscriber’s device
  • Time to Market: CMS has the feature that the time gap for change reflection is very less or minimal
  • Technology and Reporting: Platform has the ability to generate reports on the basis of different parameters defined by the administrator
  • Device library and device profiling capability
  • Multi-content downloading
  • DRM Management (Forward Lock, Combined Delivery and Separate Delivery)
  • Content Provider management
  • Web portal for subscribers to discover content
  • Complete content management
  • Promote price and protect content
  • Carrier-Grade Performance and Scalability
  • Open and Configurable Interfaces
  • Subscriber & Device Management

The uCMS supports following content types:

  • Text
  • Bitmaps, images and Logos
  • Ring tones (Mono, Poly and True)
  • Picture Messages
  • Audio clips
  • Video clips
  • Games: MIDP1.0 and MIDP 2.0
  • Themes
  • Wallpapers
  • RBT

Content is passed through several filters like file mime-type check, size etc before being deposited into content repository; additional content checks can be plugged-in as required.