Company Overview

Amongst the first Indian companies that focused on integrated solutions and products for thewireless domain, i2i Telesource carved its niche in the mobile communications industry quite early. With a rare distinction of rolling out its sophisticated uCMS product within few months of inception, i2i was the first Indian company to indigenously make the uCMS that now successfully competes with offerings from established global players. Its uCMS and Content has been deployed by leading players in India’s telecom industry, including Airtel, Aircel, MTS etc.

i2i Telesource offers end-to-end content management system, mobile commerce, mobile entertainment, mobile Internet and mobile advertising solutions to the Telecommunications, Media and Digital Content industries.

Today, telecom companies face the challenge of integrating various IT systems, technologies, communication methods and applications to benefit from convergence. i2i Telesource aims to bridge this gap for customers by “connecting the various dots? and providing fully managed services, including end-to-end mobile content management, billing, messaging and delivery of mobile services.

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We guarantee high-quality satellite connection all over the world. Our customer support is quick and user-friendly. Individual approach to the needs of clients to meet all their requirements for comfortable leisure is our main rule.

Choose one of the packages and get streaming speeds, easy access to i2i Telesource exclusive content, a variety of top shows, huge movie collection and much more.

Network Optimization is achieved by offloading bandwidth-intensive data traffic onto lower cost, available Wi-Fi networks wherever possible. By alleviating smart phone network congestion, mobile operators can better allocate 3G network resources

Increase Customer Satisfaction by offering high-speed Wi-Fi connection automatically at popular hotspot locations without intervention or interruption of service. Because the solution utilizes existing common technology in mobile devices, customers need not upgrade their devices

Enhanced Revenue, Improved Business Performance. Predictability and Control of Costs, Renewed Customer Focus, Proven VAS Expertise, Defined SLAs and Measurable Performance

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System Integration

i2i TeleSource specializes in Systems Integration for telecom, working with global brands to enhance user experience and revenue. Their services include planning, designing, and deploying VAS and Service Assurance solutions, with specific offerings like mobile data offload to alleviate 3G network congestion.

Managed Services

i2i specializes in content and marketing with Managed Services, including a 24/7 help desk and their CMAS platform. They enhance revenue for telecom operators globally, as seen in successful case studies in Russia, Bangladesh, and India.


i2i Telesource offers diverse mobile services, including targeted Mobile Marketing, user-friendly Mobile Advertising, secure Mobile Backup, real-time Push Mail, USSD Applications, and comprehensive management of Mobile Portals. Their solutions cater to the dynamic needs of the expanding mobile market.

Other Service

i2i Telesource provides a versatile range of mobile services, from content marketing and STK/UTK messaging to voice services with a Jukebox feature. Their entertainment offerings include over 100 SMS info services, 30 MMS/WAP services, and daily updates on various topics.