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Other Services

Content Marketing

i2i Telesource works as a content aggregator to benefit operators, providing a one- stop shop solution for operator, to have gamut of digital asset variants. This digital asset includes:

  • Graphics – Wallpapers, Animation, Themes, Color Logos etc.
  • Games- 3D, Arcade, Racing, Action etc.
  • Tones- True tone, Poly Tones, Mono Tones, CRBT, Sound effects etc.
  • Video – Babes, Hollywood, Funny, VRBT, Religious, Spirituals etc.

STK/UTK Services

i2i Telesource provides a simple yet powerful messaging platform for managing various messaging needs of the media houses, operators and service providers. The core strength of our messaging platform is an easy integration with legacy/ futuristic systems of operators’ alongwith a single platform for all messaging needs. The platform can support multiple shortcodes, third party shortcodes, and multiple content sources to readily fit and work with any SDP/non-SDP platforms of telco's. It offers an online charging gateway system built-in which can provide charging integration with almost all operators billing systems.


  • Branded / Exclusive short code for Operator
  • Unique National/ Global easy reach SMS identity
  • One Short Code for multiple content i.e. Provide One Stop Shop
  • Automated Two-way Messaging - Easy to configure Auto Response/ URL Response
  • No need to remember multiple Shortcodes and Keywords for contents
  • Pre-integrated with content management system.
  • Easy Integration in to Website ODBC Data
  • Revenue Sharing Mechanism for huge inflow volume


  • Support SMS based MO/MT and push services
  • Completely secured environment
  • Multi-processing and 3 Tier Architecture
  • Easy to configure and manage
  • Subscriber Profiling
  • Complete tracking of all information through logs
  • GUI based
  • Session Based Interaction so response can be sent without keyword
  • MO/MT/WAP based Billing support
  • Support online and offline Billing
  • Ad / Campaign Engine for cross and up selling
  • Comprehensive Reporting / MIS
  • Binary Content

Voice Services

The single biggest opportunity to increase profit and enhance customer relationship for enterprise and service providers is here. A complete end to end service platform, allows the subscribers to enjoy voice based value added services. IVR is a technology that automates interactions with the system and telephone callers. IVR solutions are based upon pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to present information and options to callers, and touch-tone telephone keypad entry to gather responses.


Imagine a scenario where users can download a song as a ringtone, set the same song as the Ring Back Tone, download screensavers related to the song, sing-along to that song and forward it to a friend, and get all content, formats and services related to the song in one place. Interesting, right? i2i Telesource Jukebox Solution allows telecom operators to offer all content variants related to that song. The solution allows operator to do cross-selling and up-selling among all music-related products by tracking user behavior and then offer services as per the user’s taste.


  • Easy access to more than 5000 Regional songs and 10,000 Bollywood & Hollywood Songs
  • Automatic Speech Recognition to browse the JukeBox Menu – reach the song of your choice faster
  • Listening to all new tracks and golden oldies
  • Setting a song as CRBT
  • Sending Song dedication to your loved ones
  • Dedication can be sent through Web, WAP, and IVR
  • Additional revenue from voice interconnect when other network users are dialing operator’s long code to access the song dedication
  • Manage “My Favorites” by Tagging a song leads to personalization of the solution


  • Ample scope for cross-selling and up-selling among all music-related products since service providers can track user behavior and customize the offering accordingly.
  • Improving the user experience by providing all services in one place, thereby increasing the RFM (recency, frequency and monetary value).
  • Possibilities of introducing different kinds of subscription models.
  • Increased revenue when user browses through the vast content repository.
  • Higher success ratios for actual downloads due to the simplified experience.
  • Higher usage since the service is not handset-dependant.
  • Support for Multiple languages Multiple carrier technologies including GSM and CDMA.
  • Access to a varied number of functions.

IVR Based Services

IVR system can be accessed by dialing defined short code from any fixed or wireless phone. User can select his language preferences, listening to the IVR prompts and providing DTMF inputs accordingly. An IVR system welcomes the customer and navigates through the listed services and how to activate them. Customer can select the service by responding to the user friendly voice navigational prompts. Customers have the added convenience to skip from one service in the menu to another.

In the race to capture share of mobile users’ hearts and wallets, operators have deployed mobile music solutions and enjoyed significant success. Among the varied portfolio of mobile music offerings, ring back tones have achieved killer application status with mobile subscribers in many markets worldwide. With ring back tones, subscribers replace the ring tone that callers normally hear with a personal choice of music or audio content - bringing a more enjoyable calling experience to their callers.


  • Default RBT: Subscribed to RBT, immediately receive a song
  • Caller/ Group based RBT: Different callers are played different ring back tones
  • Special Condition RBT: The RBT is set depending on the day
  • Gift a Tone: Ability to gift a tone to friends and family
  • Copy a Tone: Subscribers can adopt the RBT of someone they call, if they like the tune
  • Fixed Album: The subscriber’s RBTs comprise those of a complete album and are played randomly to callers
  • Juke Box: Ability to select the playlist that callers hear
  • Corporate RBT: Employees set corporate jingles on their RBTs
  • Search – Text & Voice: Search function to find a preferred song

Music Download and Messaging
Music Download:

  • User can download his desired music by dialing into the IVR system
  • User can listen the songs and can download his desired ring tone, monotone, or true tones by selection on keys

Music messaging:

  • Music messaging will allow the user to send messages along with the music clips selected by user
  • User can listen and select the music on IVR and forward his song clips with self-recorded messages to his family and friends

Song Dedication:

  • Song Dedication is a fun & entertainment service, targeted on Teens & Youth
  • The solution will allow the user to select the song over IVR and dedicate the song to their dear ones


  • Sending Song dedication to your loved ones
  • Listening to all new tracks and golden oldies
  • Dedication can be sent to other operator subscribers
  • Solution also provides an option to reply to the dedication
  • Dial a song - A Juke box where users can call-in and listen to songs. Customer can select a song and dedicate it to their friends and Family members. The system dials out to the receiver of the song and plays the message left by the sender along with the song

Background Effect:

  • This service enables the caller to add various kinds of sound effects during the cell/phone conversation
  • IVR Platform provides the options to select different background effects by selection of keys
  • Caller presses keys to add background noises or effects such as
  • Traffic, Train, Stadium, Night club, Rude noises, Explosions


  • Effects will be heard by both parties
  • Effects are unlimited and can be added by administrator via Web interface

Song Matcher:

  • With Song Matcher subscribers can quickly search and locate a required song, based on a short recording of the song
  • Song Matcher can find the music of the playing song on the Radio or from self recording
  • Song Matcher provides the solution to the growing demand of the mobile music market

IVR Entertainment:

  • Sports/Cricket Alerts
  • Astrology Information
  • Movie Contests
  • Movie Review
  • Jokes
  • Celebrity Greetings
  • Stocks
  • News

Entertainment services

Nobody else provides so much choice: The team of editors at i2i can provide more than 100 SMS info services and more than 30 MMS and WAP services. Every day, a team of 30 journalists, content and music experts, designers and developers professionally edits and prepares the top events from the worlds of sports, politics, business and showbiz gossip. State-of-the-art animations, videos, ring tones, mobile music download and games are a part of the standard package.

Other Services